The Process


The Selection of Perfect Materials

Can pure perfection be found? Only you will know if AL6061 has taken you to the ultimate automotive euphoria.

Instrumental in crafting our design philosophy, AL6061 Chief Design Engineer has an intimate understanding of luxury vehicle enhancements.

  • Key elements of delivering a great product are the application and selection of the precise materials for the final product.
  • Our name defines position on the requirement for utilizing the best material for making a sound and custom-designed multi-piece wheel.
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum is the well-defined materials used for the wheel center disk, inner and outer rim.

The Art of Sculpting Materials

What notably grabs our attention in creating AL6061 Forged products, is the sculpting and bringing to life a breathtaking wheel design, out of a solid inanimate aluminum forged disk. Competitors refer to this process as machining. Our team’s collective years of experience in design and fabrication of aluminum products give us an advantage in accurately understanding the properties and nature of the material. We design the wheel in a manner that allows the aluminum to be Sculpted into our exclusive designs using precise and powerful tools. THE RESULT, is the creation of lines, contours and shapes that one can only imagine, yet the eyes can truly see. It is PURE Perfection.

PURE Perfection – The Finishing Touches

AL6061 wheels are designed, engineered and functionally styled to the taste of each of our clients. We take pride in standing at the forefront of industry trends by providing products that exude originality. Our process is not only defined by quality and attention to detail in design and engineering, but also quality in material selection, methods of manufacturing, and assembly. This practice allows us to create a superior luxury performance product worthy of your highest standard and exquisite taste.

The Art of Assembly


When AL6061 Forged ships a set of wheels to be delivered to the client we want to make certain that they arrives in Pure Condition. We do this by subjecting every wheel through our stringent Quality control process at every phase along the production and finishing cycle.

Final assembly is where every piece to an AL6061- PURE Perfection™ wheel is collected and combined to create a final set of wheels. Our assembly technicians carefully handle each finished component, torque each nut and bolt, to exact specifications and precise tolerances. Once completed, the wheel set receives a final cleaning before being wrapped with protective foams, costumed shrink-wrapped and hand-boxed.

At AL6061, we pride ourselves on safety, performance, attention to detail, engineering, design and manufacturing techniques.